"Allen Simmons does not just have the ability to speak and inspire individuals, he is an inspiration. His story is one of overcoming and transformation. Every chance he gets to speak into the lives of others he pours out everything hes got. If you want to transform your team or organization then you need to book Allen Simmons for your next event."

-DeShea Smith

"AllenSpeaks life. He connects well with people and his words are always relevant."

- Natasha Pemberton-Todd

AllenSpeaks is a voice this world needs to hear. The Lord uses Allen to transform the lives of so many people by leading them to Christ. Personally, his messages inspire me very much. God bless you!"

- Latoya Bryant

"Allen came to my classroom to speak to my students and did an amazing job! The students felt inspired by his story and motivational speaking. Would definitely recommend him speaking at events with teens and men."

- Kheiston Tilford

"Thank you for all of the inspirational quotes and stories it always comes when I need it the most. Thank you very much and keep doing what you are doing. God bless you."

- Teresa Chandler

"Allen spoke to my students about perseverance and success. First, he is very personable and down to earth so the students were immediately able to relate to him and thus were more receptive to the message. Second, I was impressed with his preparation for the speech. He came with an outline, notes, and examples. While his delivery is conversational you'd swear it was all off the cuff, Allen has actually very carefully and thoughtfully prepared his talking points. He injected both seriousness where necessary to drive home a point and humor to bring levity and grab the audience's attention. Finally, he left my class with several recommendations and useful resources. Not only did they leave his talk inspired, but they left with practical ways to connect the information to their everyday lives. In a move I felt was above and beyond, Allen even gave his contact info to a student who spoke to him afterwards and expressed the need for additional support. On the final assessment of the course, many students listed this speech as one of the most impactful learning experiences of the semester. I highly recommend Allen as a speaker. He was great to work with and consulted with me along the way to ensure that our goals for the speech were aligned. "

- Mandy Couch

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